In Science, students learned Classification. 3rd graders classifed animals by different characteristics and 4th-6th learned about the Biological Classification System.

Students get to choose an animal or a fruit or vegetable and classify. They can draw it or print pictures of it to make their display. They research online which category it fits into.

One student is researching his species on the computer; another is cutting and gluing, and yet a third is drawing his species. Students are excited and immersed.

The Upper Elementary Teacher, Mother Mani Manjari has taken the subject matter (Biological Classification) and turned into a project where students of different grade levels can meet their objectives and also be fully absorbed! This absorption makes it so that distractions and discipline are not even an issue. This project includes student choice, individualized learning, hands on work, and incorporates research and technology.

Here are some examples of their work.