Beyond the grammar, spelling, and vocabulary; beyond the physics, biology, or chemistry; beyond the ratios, equations, or statistics, true education is meant for inspiring humanity. It is meant for raising caring citizens. At TKG Academy we value compassion for all living entities, as well as our environment. What is the use of all of our studies if we don’t use it to benefit the world?

One way to put it to practice is by keeping our neighborhood clean. We adopted Kalachandji’s streets, the block around our temple and school.  

Unfortunately, being close to various fast food restaurants means extra trash is flying around and frequent pickup is required. Our students are ready for the challenge! They enthusiastically pull up their sleeves and gather the litter, big or small. Today they noticed that there was less garbage than usual. It means that they are making a difference. That it has an effect.

Cleaning our surroundings helps us clean our hearts. It uplifts our consciousness and reminds us that we have power, that we can BE the change.