We’re only nine weeks into this school year, and so much has been accomplished already! Every morning, students – younger and older – are excitedly running to arrive at school, ready for another day of meaningful discoveries and fully immersing themselves in their learning. We hear them sing verses and songs, share their realizations, support each other in working through challenging concepts, and empathically resolve their differences.

On Back to School night, parents got to visit their children’s classrooms and hear from the teachers and students about all the exciting activities they do throughout their days here.

Our annual Fall Picnic at White Rock Lake was accompanied by perfectly pleasant weather. It started with a huge soccer game, with not eleven, but more than twenty players on each team! A great mix of students, parents, and teachers, having fun with a sportive spirit. We then joined for a sumptuous potluck lunch, lovingly prepared by all the parents. Hamsaduta Prabhu, a most talented artist, gifted the children with balloon sculptures and caricature portraits. It was a relaxing events, conducive for connecting with old friends and making new ones!