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The TKG Academy Approach

TKG Academy is a PK-12 independent private school in Dallas, Texas which provides a college preparatory education rooted in the spiritual traditions of India. The goal of our academic and spiritual programs is to guide students to develop core principles of leadership, academic absorption and integrity in service.

Academics + Enrichment

Our core academics have a strong foundation of math, language arts, science and social studies. This education is complimented by weekly enrichment classes like gardening, yoga, STEM, cooking and more.

Language Arts

Through concrete Montessori works in preschool, to exploring Vaishnava Learn to Read books and guided reading levels in Elementary, to Heinemann’s reading strategies and essay writing in the older grades, students develop a love for Language Arts that propel them into college life and beyond.


Engaging and relevant, Math instruction at TKG Academy is interactive and fun. With concept-based projects, manipulatives, fact sheet races, games and centers, students practice Math in the world around them. In addition, Singapore Math textbooks systematically guide them step by step through each unit.


Each child’s curiosity is nurtured to develop scientific understanding of our world in order to design solutions to personal, community, and global issues. By spiraling from the macroscopic to the microscopic world, students tackle challenging scientific problems to affect real change. Vedic science is introduced when applicable.


In this fast-paced world, where we’re all looking for quick and easy solutions, it is refreshing and healing to slow down, connect with the earth, and learn how to grow our own food. In Kalachandji’s Community Garden, students grow and harvest purely organic fruits and vegetables.


Weekly yoga classes, with breathing exercises, yoga postures and strengthened muscles, promote a lifetime of wellness, by alleviating stress, and improving attention & memory. Students develop increased concentration and productivity in studies and all areas of their life.


Students gain exposure to the basic concepts of computer programming. This is an increasingly useful skill as our world becomes more and more digitized. Developing critical thinking skills and engaging in hands on learning with direct applications, students complete age-level engineering design projects.

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“As an alumni of the school and a parent of a current student I have seen the evolution of TKG Academy. They have worked hard to bring the most up to date curriculum and content to the students. One thing that has stayed strong through the years is the sense of community and family held at the school. They present curriculum in such a way that fosters curiosity in students, allowing them to truly love learning.”

Radha Young

Alumni & Parent

“I send my girls to TKG Academy for the people. By that I mean the other students, to be sure, so my daughters can be in devotee sanga all day. But I especially mean the teachers and staff, all gifted individuals who put their whole heart into giving devotion, nurturing, skills, and wisdom to the students. Such a rare gift, made possible by their choice to accept the calling, as well as the financial support of donors who have faith that the school will play a part in uplifting the world. I am humbled and honored to be a part of the TKG Academy community.”

Navin Shyam


"I had no problems when I transitioned to western schools and colleges. I was always at the top 10 percent of my class."

Narayana Meyer


"Meditation in the morning - which is good for everyone; they still have recess - and understand the importance of it for children; sound academics; and teachers who truly care about the kids."

Kat Stigen


"You are the place I call my second home, My place to see my friends, My place to have teachers who care about us. You are my place to enjoy learning, My place to learn about Krsna, My place to learn what I need to know. You are my school, And the place I get to call, My second home, TKG Academy."



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