TKG Academy Core Principles

At TKG Academy, we strive to educate our students in Krishna conscious principles and practices based on the teachings and personal example of His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada and His Holiness Tamal Krishna Goswami. TKG Academy’s dedicated teachers, in partnership with the families and community, will nurture students to develop these core principles and character traits. Like Hanuman, our students will be inspired and inspiring leaders, devoted to Krishna.


1. Teach by Personal Example
My behavior and attitudes affect not only myself but others as well; they are contagious. By
modeling virtuous behavior I set a positive example, especially for those younger than me.

2. Take Initiative
Like Hanuman, I exceed any expectations and go above and beyond what is required of me.
I am a problem solver, responsible and proactive.

3. Independent
I am motivated and confident. I seek learning opportunities through self‐correction and am
involved in selecting the contents and pace of my studies. I take pride in my work and am eager
to share it.

Academic Absorption

4. Have a Love for Learning
I am so absorbed in my work that I lose track of time. My curriculum and materials, selected for
whole body sensory learning, engage all my five senses. My work is exciting and I look forward
to it.

5. Innovative
Project based work, integrated with the arts, allows me to use my creativity throughout my
studies. I get to express my resourcefulness and individuality, based on my interests and
learning style.

6. Motivated
Personal success makes me feel intrinsically inspired and rewarded. The knowledge I assimilate
is relevant and meaningful. I can relate it to my life experiences and aspirations.

Integrity in Service:

7. Humble
I am reverent towards my teachers, parents and superiors. I am able to accept correction with
grace and dignity. I am kind and loving to my fellow classmates. I take pleasure in helping others
and considering their needs before my own.

8. Compassionate
I treat all of Krishna’s living beings with love and am therefore vegetarian. I respect Mother
Earth and am aware of the global impact of my actions. I practice empathy and acknowledge
others. (para‐dukha‐dukhi)

9. Krishna Conscious
I accept my studies as my primary devotional service to Krishna; My actions are meant to please
Him and His devotees.