Spiritual Program

Spirituality, especially for children, is a very individual experience. Personal relationships with Vaishnava teachers allow students to explore their understanding of themselves, their relationship in service with others and their authentic connection with Krishna. To this end, the goal of our spiritual program is to encourage natural participation without force in order to nurture our students spiritual values as delineated in TKG Academy’s Core Principles.

Spiritual practices are based on the teachings of His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. All classes have age-appropriate bhakti practices intertwined with academic subjects. In addition, students participate in a Sadhana class, Sastra class, the Spiritual Friday Program and temple festivals.

Morning Sadhana Class

Students begin their days with a Morning Sadhana class where they practice mantra meditation and learn Sanskrit poetry. Philosophical discussions on the Bhakti Scriptures are encouraged through a variety of methods. With the help of metacognition techniques such as the Seven Hats, Four Corners, The Socratic Method, etc, students discuss why they do and think the way they do, and the relevance of the scriptural texts in their lives.

Spiritual Friday

Bhakti Yoga is the process of offering love to God, Krishna, through loving devotional service to God and the world. During the Spiritual Friday program, a two hour program every Friday morning, students worship school Deities and engage in worship ceremonies such as bathing and dressing the Deities, performing arati, participating in kirtan, and giving class, just as their adult counterparts do in a Hare Krishna temple. Students who are confident are ready to teach the younger ones, and fortify their Krishna conscious identities.


Vaishnava holidays and festivals are observed with great celebration at the Radha Kalachandji Temple. With active service, stories, dramas and other presentations, students immerse themselves in the festivities and Vaishnava traditions.