High School

Grades 9-12 & Dual Enrollment

As the eldest group of the school, TKG Academy High School students get to implement leadership qualities being developed for the past decade, both academically and spiritually. They are encouraged to fine-tune their strengths and interests, in order to cement their career options and develop skills for the line of work they will enter.


Taking responsibility for their academics, students prepare to transition to higher education. The teacher acts as a learning coach to facilitate their success, and strengthen understanding. Enrichment classes provide the needed social and off-screen balance.

TKG Academy’s Dual Credit program, in partnership with DCCCD Colleges, offers qualified high school students an opportunity to earn college credit while completing high school requirements. These provide an optimal transition for students coming from a small private school environment to college-level coursework.


In order to graduate from TKG Academy High School, 26 total credits are required in the following courses:

Math: 4 credits

  • Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry
  • Advanced Math Elective (Calculus I, Calculus II, Probability & Statistics, Plane Trigonometry)

Language Arts: 4 credits

  • English I to IV
  • Electives: Foreign Language I & II, Speech

Science: 4 credits required (One must be lab-based)

  • Biology, Chemistry, Physics
  • Science Electives: Geology, Environmental Science, Forensic Science, Computer Science I, II, III

Social Studies: 3 credits

  • US History, US Government, World History
  • Social Studies Electives: Economics, Psychology, Texas History, Geography

Electives: 5 credits

  • Music, Drama, Visual Arts, Culinary Arts, Gardening
  • Physical Education, Yoga

Weekly Enrichment: Sadhana Class, Sastra Class, STEM


Secondary School students act as team leaders for the Spiritual Friday program, and a variety of school projects, actively working as teachers, guiding and training younger students. Teachers regularly support them in systems to motivate younger students. Students also actively engage in temple and community services, such as cooking, festival preparation, youth programs and more to solidify their Krishna conscious identity. Qualified and interested students can complete course work to graduate with a Bhakti Sastri Degree.