Gandiva and Arjuna, also known as “The Twins”, are the youngest two of six siblings in the Penate family. All the members of their family have been involved with TKG Academy in various ways. Their dad, Rohini Prabhu, and brother, Chakra, helped with maintenance; their mother, Laxmipriya Devi, and three of their older siblings as teachers; and all the children, over the years, as students. Even their nephew, Kavachi, now attends the Early Childhood class. No wonder, then, that Gandiva and Arjuna see TKG Academy as their second home; the teachers and students are all like family to them.

We’ve known Gandiva and Arjuna since they were babies and they began their education at TKG Academy when they were four years old. They turned fifteen last September. “It’s been a stable environment for us,” Arjuna explains. “Very conducive for learning.” He appreciates the teachers for being dependable and good role models. Some of his highlights in school are the Science Fair and the games he and his friends make up during recess.

Gandiva enjoyed the plays they performed over the years and the Maharajas’ visits. “The ‘Spiritual Friday’ programs are fun,”, she adds with a sweet smile. “All the kids are really close to each other. Everyone ends up with friends here,” she appreciates.

In addition to the classes they take at TKG Academy, the twins are now enrolled at Eastfield Community College. Over the years we’ve seen them excel in their academics as well as display much care and compassion to their classmates and younger students. Arjuna is known for his deep, philosophical questions and contributions in class, and Gandiva, for being everyone’s best friend. You can often find her in the center of a “group hug”, surrounded by several little girls. They are both resilient, easy-going, and very artistic.

It’s amazing to see how much they have grown – physically, socially, emotionally, and spiritually. They now take the lead in our school; tomorrow they may take the lead in the world…. As Nelson Mandela said, “The youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow”.