Elementary School

Grades 1 – 5

Elementary students, like buds blossoming into open flowers, are eager and excited to learn! They absorb new information and experiences like sponges. This time period is marked by increased confidence in personal strengths and an ability to work in collaboration with others. The Elementary classroom is set up to enhance these skills.


Reading – Students begin reading systematically with Dr. Edith Best’s Learn to Read program, learn Sing, Spell, Read & Write songs as needed, practice reading skills with the Montessori Pink, Blue & Green Series, and graduate to levelled reading from the Krishna House library, with Reading strategies followed for each book. Older students work in literature circles and novel-packs to enhance reading comprehension.

Writing – Heinemann curriculum used with Writing Centers; Cursive introduction

Vocabulary – Wordly Wise curriculum with a variety of vocabulary games

Grammar – Montessori Grammar box & Sentence Analysis

Spelling – Words Their Way curriculum, with other activities for spelling practice

Math – Singapore Math curriculum with centers & concept based projects

Science – Through the Next Gen Science standards and approach and focused on inquiry based learning projects, students cover three main units during the year: Life Science (the human body, animals and plants), Earth Science (landforms, weather, space systems, conservation & more), and Physical Science (matter, energy, forces, simple machines, magnets and more). Montessori materials and Science lapbooks and centers reinforce systems and concepts.

Social Studies – Students cover six units every year, with a variety of topics in each group: community, government, civics, economy, geography, and history. In addition, students learn Geography songs & complete projects according to the TEKS.

Bhagavad Gita – Students learn key verses from the Gita, covering main points of the Vedic philosophy through discussion and personal reflection.

 Elementary students also attend weekly classes in Gardening, Physical Education, Art and Yoga.