Middle school

Grades 6–8

Middle school at TKG Academy prepares students for big changes spiritually and academically. Using a variety of 21st century skills, students build a strong foundation to prepare for high school and college life.


Middle school is a time for students to really push themselves. Walk into the classroom and you’ll see groups writing essays on social change, or implementing reading strategies for historical fiction. During Math, you may find a young man completing an algebra puzzle, to support his Math textbook. At Science time, you may see students working together to build a model that explains the phenomenon they are studying.


Language Arts: Heinemann Reading & Writing Strategies

Math: Singapore Math

Science: Next Generation Science & Elemental Science

Social Studies: World History, US History and Contemporary History

Weekly Enrichment: Sadhana Class, Sastra Class, STEM, Art, Cooking, Gardening, Yoga and Physical Education


10 to 13 year olds are transitioning into adolescence. With this transition comes massive changes physically and psychologically. Neuroscientific studies have proven that the brain is actively building a sense of identity at this time. This can cause personal insecurities and increased social sensitivities. Nurturing teachers, well aware of these dynamics, structure their instruction to promote self-awareness and personal growth through a variety of methods:

  • Inquiry based learning: Students practice asking and answering questions. Acting as problem-solvers, they increase their self-confidence.

  • Executive function: Students take increased responsibilities by scheduling their lessons, keeping personal records, and charting their own progress. Taking personal ownership of their goals is a strong motivator.
  • Personal Reflection: Students regularly regroup after lessons to identify what went well and what areas can be improved.
  • Sadhana: Students practice mindfulness and connect to Krishna through japa meditation and bhakti yoga practices.
  • Scripture: Middle schoolers love philosophical discussions! Sastric debate gives a Krishna conscious lens to address real-world challenges.
  • Practical engagement: Their spiritual identity is fortified by practical engagement in a variety of enrichment classes and community programs