Early Childhood

Preschool – Kindergarten

Instilling a love for learning in children at a young age, right from the beginning of their education, is essential. It sets a healthy, positive foundation for the duration of their school years, and for the rest of their lives. By nature, children are very curious and eager to learn. Our Early Childhood classroom is designed to fan this spark and facilitate its perpetual growth.

Montessori Approach

TKG Academy’s Early Childhood classroom uses the Montessori approach to education. It establishes a safe, child-friendly, loving environment, which is very welcoming for young children, some of whom are entering the classroom for the first time.

Children ages 3-6 are being nurtured emotionally, socially, physically, spiritually and academically. They are encouraged to explore, discover, develop their interests, and seek learning opportunities. The learning is self-directed, fostering self-confidence and independence.


Early Childhood students improve their fine and gross motor skills, coordination, reading and writing skills, understanding of mathematical concepts, familiarity with animals, plants, geography and cultures around the world. They actively practice caring for themselves, organizing their belongings, cleaning, preparing food, and so much more.

The focus in the Early Childhood classroom is on the process, more than the result; on being and doing, rather than racing to the finish line. The students are discovering their own motivation, taking pride and pleasure in their meaningful work.

An important component of their education is the cultivation of respectful dealings and healthy relationships. Students are guided in their communication to own their feelings, express them with clarity and seek understanding. They are taught to be problem-solvers and are equipped with the tools for peaceful conflict resolution.