Spiritual Program

Spirituality, an individual experience, is carefully introduced through personal relationships between Vaishnava teachers and student, and age-appropriate bhakti practices sprinkled throughout the day and in specific classes. The goal of TKG Academy’s spiritual program is to encourage natural participation without force, in order to nurture our students’ spiritual values as delineated in TKG Academy’s Core Principles.


In this fast-paced world, where we’re all looking for quick and easy solutions, it is refreshing and healing to slow down, connect with the earth, and learn how to grow our own food.
In Kalachandji’s Community Garden, students grow and harvest purely organic fruits and vegetables.


Weekly yoga classes, with breathing exercises, yoga postures and strengthened muscles, promote a lifetime of wellness, by alleviating stress, and improving attention & memory. Students develop increased concentration and productivity in studies and all areas of their life.


Students gain exposure to the basic concepts of computer programming. This is an increasingly useful skill as our world becomes more and more digitized. Developing critical thinking skills and engaging in hands on learning with direct applications, students complete age-level engineering design projects.


Students gain an appreciation for famous artists and various art forms. They explore different techniques, medias, colors, textures, and compositions, developing their personal skills and self-expression.


Kalachandji’s Chef, Manjuali devi, teaches weekly cooking classes to older students. Students learn different methods of cooking, the quality of each spice, and how they affect digestion and flavor. They leave the year with a collection of tested recipes and the confidence to make nutritious vegetarian meals.


Getting out of the classroom and away from the desks and engaging in physical exercises is vital. It keeps our bodies healthy and fit, boosting our stamina and increasing concentration.