Lower Elementary students develop Language Arts Skills. Here you will see pictures of:  (article below)

  • Writing sentences with subject noun – verb using object boxes
  • Writing in the zone under tables (writer’s workshops)
  • Using predictive spelling (editing comes second, creativity first!)
  • Cozying up reading Krishna stories with the Learn To Read series
  • Practicing Spelling with rainbow letters
  • Heinemen’s Reading Program with partnered reading discussions
  • Montessori Grammar box cards learning plural vs singular nouns
  • and more!

Article below the pics!

Oh, the beautiful English language is… tricky! complicated! Go, So, No, goes with blow, toe, boat, sew, and dough! If those are the ways to indicate Long O, where does ‘cow, too, do, and new’ fit in? it’s enough to confuse any 6 or 7 year old.

After over two decades of teaching English Language Arts, the Lower Elementary classroom has a perfect process, individualized for each students progress. Did you know reading is mastered much like crawling, talking and walking? It’s a developmental stage, not something to be forced.

Language Arts encompasses many subjects: Reading, Comprehension, Fluency, Writing, Grammar, Spelling, and Punctuation. Lower Elementary students have a wide variety of tools at their disposal to help them master their Language Arts subjects. With three teachers working one to one, and a variey of programs (Learn to Read series, Montessori reading cards, Heinemann Reading & Writing program, Sing Spell Read and Write songs and book, spelling puzzles, grammar songs, object boxes), they are enticed into it. Soon, they’re reading chapter books, and writing 6 page narratives. We play group games and make silly sentences to get their creative juices flowing.

This year, I take sentences out of my Amazon Best Sellers book, Leadership Parenting. Hey, kids, if I can write a whole book and communicate my thoughts – so can you! Anyone can do it. My favorite part of the day is listening to a little one reading aloud to a friend, or watching hungry writers words pouring on pages with soft music playing.

They have important messages to share to the world. And they’re well on their way. They could probably teach you a thing or two about English Language Arts!