As Covid continues to rage in cities across America, and schools scamper to figure out safe ways to open, we at TKG Academy are getting ready to welcome our bhakti scholars with the best preparations for their safety.  TKG Academy, the very first school established by the Founder Acharya of ISKCON, His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, is supported primarily by the generosity of donors. Ongoing preparations are continuing as we start classes, offering both remote and in-school options, and preparing for the safety of all levels in all classrooms, with all students and staff.

Today, we reach out to you! Please give as much as you can and please share widely. Many blessings will undoubtedly be showered upon you and your family as you give the gift of education during these unprecedented times.

Covid Emergency Relief Fund

Total Projected Budget: $20,000
A. Personal Donations – $10,000
B. Anonymous Matching Donor – $10,000

Every $1 you give for the Covid Emergency Relief Fund will be matched exactly for the $1 by our Anonymous Matching Donor. 

Donations will be used for the following:

  1. Classroom Expansions (In the Elementary School campus at the Krishna House, expanding existing classrooms and furnishing newer larger classrooms)
  2. Outdoor Learning Spaces (pavilion & gazebos for multi-weather scenarios, landscaping new learning zones in the acres at the Krishna House campus)
  3. Outdoor Cafeteria Spaces (larger and more picnic tables with umbrellas)
  4. Multiple Entrances (Safe entrances built at the Middle School & High School at the Gaura House campus)
  5. Covid Safety Measures for students and staff (hand-washing and sanitizing stations, signs, marquees, social distancing signs, PPE, masks, and more)
  6. Technology for hybrid teaching and easy transitions from remote to in-class: Chromebooks, headphones, Chromebook management and charging stations
  7. Air Filtration Systems for classrooms

Donor Levels

Silver Gift: $500
For your generous support, you will receive a personal gift and a personalized Thank You message from students.

Gold Gift: $1,000
For your generous support, you will receive ALL THE ABOVE + a “gold level” Recognition Brick in the new outdoor learning space.

Platinum Gift: $2,000 or more
For your generous support, you will receive ALL THE ABOVE + a “platinum level” Recognition Brick in the new outdoor learning space.
Remember, every gift given is matched directly, dollar for dollar!  

High School students volunteer for Food Distribution during Covid.

Example Outdoor Learning space

Example Chromebooks & Management Station

High School Students learning Pre – Covid

Elementary student in Math Class pre – Covid.