“You could have told me he had a degree in electrical engineer, a PHD *aandd* a degree in theology!”  11th grade Nitai Pran

High School and Middle Students were Zoom-visited by Gopal Hari Das, of the acclaimed Gupta brothers, who graduated from university in their early teens and finished Masters and PHD’s by the time they were 20.

He gave a dynamic & interactive presentation on the Synthesis of Science and Religion. He shared the conflicts between the two and how to resolve those conflicts.

Every Hare Krishna kid asks these age-old questions.  Resolving contradictory approaches to science – those presented by their school textbooks and those established by the Vedic principles – is almost an integral part of establishing a Krishna conscious teenage identity.

Gopal Hari himself went through this process.  What a wonderful experience it was hearing him share his erudite knowledge with the students, in a way they could easily digest.  We look forward to his Zoom visit again!