I just walked into the Upper Elementary Classroom and saw Mother Mani Manjari’s Literature Circles in Action!

Each student has a job with specific responsibilities in the Literature Circle as they are reading the chapter. One summarizes. One comes up with discussion questions. One is the Word Wizard and looks up words that might be difficult. One is an illustrator and one finds connections to other stories. Another finds connections to real life.

The classroom is dynamic! Kids are thinking deeply and processing the information they gather from others! They’re engaged in avid discussion about the points on the subject matter. They’re making connections to their own lives! They’re enjoying the reading. This is exactly what comes to mind when we think of instilling a love for reading and a love for literature! That is the purpose of education. When students enjoy the subjects, they learn so much faster.

The dynamic energy involved is infectious. I left wanting to pick up a book, grab a couple of friends and talk about what I was reading too!