Janmastami is the holiest day for Vaisnavas around the world and here at TKG Academy that feeling is no different. Students spent the week hearing about Lord Krsna’s pastimes and anticipating having Janmastami day spent at the temple helping the older devotees in Seva.

With freshly washed hair and clothing, Tilak applied beautifully, the children made their way to Sri Sri Radha Kalachandji Mandir with open hearts and helping hands to show Lord Krsna that even the youngest of the community are eager to please him, especially on his appearance day. Shortly after noon, the students of grades 2-8 gathered around to the front of the temple room to take turns reciting the story of Lord Krsna and the demon, Aghasura accompanied by a flute player. Then home to rest and prepare for the evening celebration of the Lord Krsna with friends, families, and devotees.