On Ram Navami morning, April 8, 2014, we started the day discussing what morals we learn from Sri Rama Chandra’s pastimes.  “Humility.  Honor.  Sacrifice.  Dependance on Krishna.  Surrender.”

Suddenly, 8-year-old Bala asks, “Can we learn to write Ram’s name in Sanskrit?”  Hmm.  We have a lot to do today.  In the afternoon, the Lesson Plan states that the students will categorize the Ramayana history, illustrate and write about each part of the story.    “If there is enough time,” I tell him.

Looking forward to this new activity, the students finish early!  We have a whole bag of leftover lima beans from our Growing Beans experiment.  Let’s use those to decorate!  I write “RAM” in Sanskrit on the board, explaining each mark.  They follow on their construction papers, covering their marks with lima beans, glitter and sequins.  They talk about monkey warriors writing Lord Ram’s name on each and every rock to build the Bridge to Lanka, and how the rocks miraculously floated in the ocean!  They remember spiders and squirrels helping the warriors.  And they pretend they are little critters jumping across the lima beans on their papers.

I watch the magic unfold.  Sravanam, Kirtanam, Smaranam.  These young boys and girls are teaching me about the power of the Holy Name.  Words cannot describe my good fortune.  Happy Rama Navami to you all!