What’s better than celebrating Govardhana Puja? Celebrating it twice!

TKG Academy students, along with the Sunday-school students, got to participate in the Temple’s Govardhana Puja grand celebration last Sunday. They’ve been working in small groups, studying and creating displays of the various pastime places, which were exhibited near the hill. The program began with the Preschool and Lower Elementary students singing about Lord Krsna’s pastimes on Govardhana Hill. The Sunday-school children then narrated the main story of this special event. Next, they, along with the TKG Academy students guided the devotees and guests on a Parikrama around the hill, narrating and enacting the special pastimes of each place. Their enlivening presentations were appreciated by all. In conclusions, TKG Academy students recited verses from the Nectar of Instruction in glorification of Govardhana Hill and Radha Kunda.

And, if that is not enough, yesterday, on the actual day of Govardhana Puja, the students brought a variety of preparations to be offered to Krsna in the form of Govardhana. They created a halvah hill, identified the locations of the different temples, Kundas and other special places, and decorated them all with loads of sweets. Krsna surely must have a very sweet tooth to devour all of their wonderful, devotional offerings!