Social Studies TEKS require students to be able to understand and explain the different variety of land formations, and how they are formed.  Older students are required to give a historical background of famous landforms around America and locate them on a map.

This last project of the year was one of our most exciting!  We watched the Tall Tale of Paul Bunyan, and his Giant Family trekking through America, creating mountain ranges, canyons, rivers, and more!  We read books from the Library on canyons, valleys, mesas, peninsulas and more!

Yes, there were FOURTEEN different types of landforms that were studied, with a Landform Scavenger Hunt and an illustration book on all the Landforms.  Yellow Cards were placed all around the building, hidden behind doors and taped onto counters.  Students raced to find them, looking for answers to questions on the Landform sheets.

For the Landform end of Unit Project, they used silly string, construction paper, play dough, and clay to create a world of their own, complete with all the different types of Landforms and labeled.

Learning becomes concrete when they’re having fun!  All students aced the Landforms Test on 14 different types of Landforms at the end of the Unit.  Ask one of them the difference between a plain and a plateau is the next time you see them!