This month, we would like recognize Neeraj and Kavitha Bhatnagar as our Donor Spotlight.

Neeraj and Kavitha began their spiritual journey in 2005 , where they attended Krishna Center programs of His Grace Prthu-srava Prabhu & Danakeli Mataji in Illinois.  They were immediately attracted to the amazing devotees.
When they moved to Texas in 2011, they were eager to continue their spiritual pursuits. They began attending the programs at Kalachandji’s Temple. Though they live all the way in Frisco, they attend the programs regularly, attracted by the enchanting forms of Sri Sri Radha Kalachandji and the kirtans.
Neeraj and Kavitha are both software engineers, working during the day and performing bhakti-yoga at home in the evening.  Neeraj works at HP and Kavitha works at AmDocs.   Balancing the needs of maintaining a family and taking care of their 2 year old daughter, Meera, both chant regularly and read Bhagavad Gita in their homes.
Kavitha explained that she supports TKG Academy because she feels that education is a great priority in this world.  Neeraj’s desire to support the school is a little more selfish, he says.  His wish is so his little Meera, can attend TKG Academy when she grows up.
We are very thankful for their support each month.  This donation ensures a Krishna conscious education, updated facilities and a safe and loving environment for our 30 students.