20160613_095615Parents’ role in a school is usually limited to supporting their children’s education and showing up for conferences. If it’s a private school, they pay tuition as well. As required, they may also volunteer some of their time. We are so blessed and fortune that we have parents who volunteer to teach a weekly class; parents who coordinate Teachers’ Appreciation Day; parents who take responsibility to order uniforms; parents who help in fundraisers; parents who help in preparing materials.
Lilavathi Vasudha Mataji (Leelavati Malisetti) recently approached me and very nonchalantly handed me a check. It was a $2000 donation to the school. A gift.
The true gift, I told her, was her choosing to move closer to our school and enrolling her daughter, Vikasni at TKG Academy. Lilavathi Mataji and her husband, Parthasarathi Prabhu, lived with their daughter in Plano, TX. They had a nice house and Vikasni attended a nice Montessori private school. But Lilavathi Mataji felt that something was missing. She longed to be closer to the temple and the devotees. She desired for her daughter to have more Vaisnava association. Krsna heard her heart’s prayers and made all arrangements for them. Vikasni immediately fit right in and made many friends among her classmates.
It is indeed our blessing to have them join our growing TKG Academy family and we thank them deeply for their support, financial and otherwise.