“What do Cd Covers have to do with Math?”, you might ask.

Well, when I was looking for an inexpensive alternative to individual Dry Erase Boards, I found this great idea on Pinterest!  Re-purposed CD Covers.  We inserted a bright yellow paper and set them up to be used as mini Dry Erase Boards for each student.  The kids love them!  A colored expo dry erase marker fits neatly inside, with a mini glove for each student to put on.  (We’re waiting for the winter season to get the mini gloves.)

These Cd Game Boards, as we call them, are perfect for Math and Spelling games!  Depending on the lesson and practice needed, I call out the Math Facts to be learned and voila!  They quickly write their answers on the boards and show me what they know.

Right now, we’re practicing doubles addition, doubles plus one addition, calendar facts, and final stable syllable spelling rules.

At Math time, I ask, “What’s 8+8?  9+7?  Three days after today’s date?  Two weeks before today’s date?  The number of the month June?”

During Spelling:  “How do you spell stumble?  giggle?  puddle?  scribble?”

These boards are versatile enough to turn any information that needs to be practiced into a game.  So we practice, practice, and practice some more.  Learning is a fun game and our classroom is filled with laughter and excitement each and every day!