Mother Nrtya Kishori says”I can no longer read a story which is not connected with the sound we are learning. My preschoolers have become so aware of the beginning sounds that they were puzzled and question me about having an apple for snack when we learned about “Dd”.
They bring items from home and use various materials to familiarize themselves with the shapes and sounds of the letters. For “Cc”, for example, we made and shared sandwiches of cookies with cream. We shaped the letter from cotton balls, which looked like clouds. For “Bb” we made bears and butterflies from dry leaves and for “Ee” filled an envelope with cutout pictures which begin with this sound. We also read about “The Little Engine that Could.”

We like to observe the passing seasons and mark each with its typical symbols. We made tissue paper pumpkins, craft stick scarecrows and finger-painted trees in fall. We made a snowman during an icy week.

The students enjoy working and playing together. The all-time favorite is the “clinic”. Sometimes the doctor is so busy, that she has 3 patients waiting in line! Building, cooking, performing a puppet show together and singing songs are some of our daily highlights.