The Preschool Kindergarten class is full of many wonders!  Young children are busily and peacefully engaged in their work, while Mother Rasakeli acts as a facilitator, keeping the environment clean and attractive for little minds to develop.


Class begins with Circle Time where they sing songs and listen to stories.  Students choose their songs each day.  Favorite songs this month are:  Krishna and Balaram, Surabhi Cow, Wheels on the School Bus and the Sammy Song.

Learning takes place with independant work and group activities.  Sing Spell Read and Write teaching beginning and ending sounds and Montessori materials allow for students to work independentlyon specific tasks.


Students practice reading with Word Cards.  We spread the cards (cat, man, sad, bat, fan) and they each turn the words over and repeat their word.

Here Priyatama is learning how to count and write numbers 1 to 10 with Number Rods.


Vishakha is learning how to write double digits upto 99 with Teen Boards.  She counts the beads, the tens and the units and writes the corresponding numbers.


4Here Nanny is matching little objects to short vowel words, learning sounds and spelling.

The beauty of this class is that the students are so engrossed in their learning materials, that Mother Rasakeli is able to spend one on one time with each student.  These young children, naturally a little less self-controlled at this age, are peacefully and diligently learning difficult concepts without need for negative discipline.  Its inspiring to see!