Srila Prabhupada often used the phrase, “Make the best use of the bad bargain”, referring to the “Bad bargain” as our situation in this material world, and the various “bad bargains” which reoccur here regularly. This COVID-19 pandemic is one such massive bad bargain for sure! How do you possibly make the best use of it?

Early Childhood student create art at home

Early Childhood student working with his father and brother at their home garden

Here at TKG Academy, our teachers have worked hard to set up remote and online classes for our students. The variety of resources used, attention to the details, and creativity, are absolutely phenomenal. This situation is not ideal, but we continue to provide personal, quality education to our students. We keep them connected, learning, creating, practicing yoga, art, cooking, and gardening.

We begin our days with chanting Japa together and putting everything within our spiritual perspective. After all, the one thing which cannot be taken away, exhausted, or closed, is our relationship with Lord Krishna. This is the time for us to relish it, cultivate it, and take further shelter of Him.

Math matching activity

In addition to the academic content, students also get to further practice their time-management skills, working alongside and supporting their younger siblings, and using some technology tools for the first time, among many new adjustment in these very unusual circumstances.

We appreciate watching our students share their work. They send videos, pictures, written work, and connect with each other remotely. They work on team projects, have book club buddies, and all from the “comfort of their own homes”. It’s not an ideal situation. Far from that. It’s a bad bargain. But we’re certainly making the best use of it.