Over the years, we have presented many dramas, bhajans and other devotional productions; less frequently we provided opportunities for the parents to actually see what their children are learning in the classroom on a daily basis.

On Friday, March 13th, the parents gathered to observe their children’s academic achievements, as if peering behind the doors into the classrooms (though not literally).  (Pictures below.)

The preschool students shared their learning through songs. The Kindergarten and first grade students presented their knowledge in USA Geography and Language Arts. The Middle Elementary students demonstrated various skills: Two students were “spelling bees”, one a grammatical sentence analysis wizard, and one student defeated his own mother by completing a math fact sheet in half the time she did. One other student presented a book review and the last one gave a speech on protecting the ocean creatures. A couple of students from the Upper Elementary class demonstrated a science experiment with cold and hot water, relating it to the Bhagavad-gita verse 2.14. One student solved a math problem. A couple of other students described and displayed a “Romanmon” card game they made for learning ancient history. Two students analyzed poetry and correlated it to their Krsna conscious realizations.

What an impressive bunch they are! It was very pleasing to witness their progress and the confidence with which they presented. Their parents’ participation will further enhance this confidence and their support will strengthen their children’s commitment to their studies.

Many thanks to Prema Sindhu Prabhu for the beautiful pictures!