Lord Balarama’s Appearance Day brings a smile to the faces of the Gurukula students at TKG Academy. Hearing, learning, remembering the heroic pastimes of Lord Krsna’s older brother makes the children’s eyes grow wide with awe and wonder, while the sweeter pastimes make them giggle with delight.

Parents and students bring special sweets and savories. The older students take extra care with Lord Baladeva as they carefully fix his crown upon his head and give him offerings as he sits beside his sister and brother, while the younger students hand make their own offerings of love.

Later, the children gather out back and how do they celebrate Balarama Jayanti? Texas style! A pinata stuffed with honey sticks. Each student takes a swing while their friends stand to side cheering them on and when the honey falls… laughter ringing as the students clamor towards the prize.

Balarama Jayanti ki! Jaya!