safetouch1Lilasukha Dasi, the Regional Child Protection Director of ISKCON North America, visited Dallas for the Annual North American GBC Meetings.  On January 16th, she gave two separate “Safe Touch” Presentations to the students at TKG Academy, appropriate to their age and development.  She held a meeting with the teachers to discuss safety protocols and a seminar for parents and community members in the evening at the temple.

The children were wide-eyed as she taught them how to deal with situations that make them uncomfortable.  With the Good Touch, Bad Touch presentation, she demonstrated and practiced how to Say No!  Run away!  and Tell Someone You Trust.  She discussed who those trusting people might be.   Each presentation ended with a video.

Its difficult to see children having to learn the stark realities of the world we live in.  Fortunately, Lilasukha Dasi expertly and lovingly impressed upon the young students how important it was to be aware of such safety rules.

Lilasuka is a disciple of Srila Bir Krishna Dasa Goswami.  She is originally from New Orleans, LA currently residing in Alachua, FL.  She has served in child protection within ISKCON since 2004.  Lilasuka dasi brings a variety of experience in child abuse response and prevention to the Child Protection Office.  She was a Community Educator with the Orange County Rape Crisis Center in North Carolina and has supported families and individuals as they process the difficult reality of child abuse affecting their lives.  The North American Office of Child Protection is a step to further develop a culture of child protection awareness and child abuse prevention through community education and participation.  She can be contacted at