You expect results from your school.

So do we.

We see results every single day. We see 3-year-olds cutting cucumbers and 5-year-olds doing division. We see 7-year-olds writing books about vertebrates and 9-year-olds pulling their dads along sidewalks, clipboards in hand, to build a community map. We hear 6th graders researching trash cans to deal with the debris on the streets and we marvel at 8th graders taking extra Pre-Algebra homework to prepare for a test. After all, they’ve made their own academic schedules and are determined to hit their goals.

We get texts from parents surprised at how their struggling writer is now even writing in the grocery store aisle and determined readers are pouring through books with post-it notes. And our eyes widen as we hear moody teenagers begging for more time for japa meditation because “we were just getting into it!”

But you came here to read about test results. We also see impressive results in standardized test scores. Standardized test results are neither the only nor the most important measure of success, but they do measure the comparative academic skill set of our students.

On the 2018 IOWA Assessment, 90% of TKG Academy students scored in the top 20th percentile. Students at other Dallas private schools (many charging triple the tuition) are also taking the IOWA test. That means 9 out of 10 TKG Academy students outscored 80 out of 100 IOWA test takers at other private schools. (Public schools administer the STAAR test, not the IOWA.)

On top of that, 60% of TKG Academy students scored in the top 10th percentile.  More than half of our students outscored 90 out of 100 students in other private schools.

And the icing on the cake? 1/3 of TKG Academy students scored above 95th percentile – outscoring 95 out of 100 test-taking students their age in private schools across the state.  (FYI: TKG Academy students also meditated, planted vegetables, had double the recess and practiced bhakti-yoga.)

These results are far beyond the norm. How does this happen?

TKG Academy students learn to reason and critically evaluate ideas independently. They are encouraged to question and to answer their own questions. They self-reflect after every lesson, noting what went right and where they can improve. They naturally find joy in their personal achievements.

Our students work hard for these results. Next time you see one, congratulation them.