TKG Academy’s Families Sport & Picnic Outing 2019

When you live in a city like Dallas, TX, you eagerly seek opportunities to get out and be in nature. Of course, we are so fortunate to have our community of devotees here near the temple and the school. But getting everyone together in a less formal setting doesn’t happen often enough. With the desire to welcome our new families and increase the familial, friendly relationships among our school families, we got together last Friday.

It was a cool evening, with a gentle breeze; a respite from the hot summer days we just endured the past couple of months. We all met at the nearby White Rock Lake, Dallas’s treasured piece of tranquility. The water, trees, and open space, were a perfect place for us to feel light, peaceful, and energetic.

The gathering started with sport games, while some of the younger children and their parents explored the adjacent playground. A sumptuous, potluck picnic dinner was later shared by all. Attendance was incredible! We even spotted several students’ grandparents who came along. The desired goal was achieved. We need to do it again!