Hare Krsna.
Join us for a spectucular Govardhan Puja Carnival organized by the Middle School and High School students! (Sunday, 10/22) Read below for the list of exciting booths and games!.

Weather permitting, we will have outdoor booths – with tents – in Kalachandji’s park.

Guests will buy a $10 bracelet , with which they can play in the following booths. We also have some prizes:
1. “Aniyora!”: A Govardhana Hill beanbag toss
2. “Target Ravana’s Head”: Dart throwing game with balloons
3. “Pin the Flute”: like pin the tail, but with Krsna’s flute and peacock feather
4. “Govardhana’s Wheel of Fortune”: Govardhana Puja Quiz
5. “Can You Lift a Hill?”: Lifting challenge
6. “Indra’s Thunderbolt Dodge”: similar to a dodgeball game
In a designated area near their tent.
7. “Ox Cart Race”: similar to ‘wheelbarrow’ race, with ‘offerings’ on the back, racing around a small “Govardhana Hill”.
8. “Govardhana Puja Puppet Show”