Many of us would agree that some of the most meaningful learning takes place outside the “Brick and Mortar” school. It is therefore essential to provide children ample educational opportunities away from their desks and chairs. Of course, at TKG Academy, those facilities are available on a daily basis. Yet, taking our students to our nearby Kalachandji’s farm is an opportunity not-to-be missed.


The morning was a bit cooler than expected, but it soon turned out to be a most pleasant day, just perfect for an outdoors adventure. While many of our field trips target a particular age group, this one included all of TKG Academy students, ranging from 3 to 16 years old. Not so surprisingly, they all had a great time! I dare to say, even our parent-chaperones seemed to enjoy the visit.

It’s refreshing to drive out of the city, and see the vast green land. Acres and acres of open countryside, scattered with cows, horses, and other livestock. We closely encountered the horses, cows, and calves (though sadly missed milking time). Upper Elementary students explored the various aspects of farm-life and how they all balance together.

With charades, swings, trailer and 4-wheeler rides, we joyfully spent our time. We chanted and feasted and felt so content that we didn’t even notice the passing of time. On our way back, I caught a glimpse of several sleeping little children in my rear-view mirror. Yes, we were tired, but oh-so-happy!