Nancy Dodd, Donor Spotlight

Meet Nancy and you’ll be touched by her soft-spoken demeanor, her willingness to serve, and her attention to detail.  She first visited the temple, Sri Radha Kalachandji Dham,  in January 2009.    She had written lists of questions for His Holiness Indradyumna Swami, who happened to be visiting for the TKG Academy Valentines Day Festival.  When those questions were answered, Nancy came back with more.

She was attracted to the Hare Krishna philosophy, and the focus on the difference between the body and soul.  She strives to break free from the grasp that the material world defines us by and embrace self-realization according to Krishna’s desires. She was endeared by the ability to build an intimate loving relationship with the Lord.

She wants to serve the Lord and His devotees (all other living entities) with sincerity.  This philosophy allows the ability to understand and manifest Real Love of Krishna, and she is absorbed in wanting to please the Lord.

Walk into her store, Gowns of Grace:  A Bridal Boutique, located on West Lovers Lane in Dallas and be immediately surrounded by this exact loving mood she practices.  As a distinquished entrepreneur, she built this successful business out of years of hard work, experience and mounds of love.  Her focus on one-on-one customer service and attention to detail, is proof of how her love and personalism have flourished.

She is happy to support TKG Academy?   Why?

“An integrated approach to education is vital for our children,”  she replies emphatically.  “By involving spirituality within the realm of education, the impact reaches deeper and is more applicable to our entire life.”


Thank you Nancy! 10295253_10204016021627261_8337979091493397588_o