Abhiseka, the bathing ceremony of the deity, is always a special sight to see. While pouring various liquids, a devotee also “pours” his love for the Lord, and bathe Him with devotion. Many of these ceremonies are observed on the altar at the temple, where most of our children get to participate by observing, while singing and sometimes dancing.

But children like to do, they like to touch, they like to imitate what the adults are doing. Children like to experience, be active and engage all their senses. Mother Kalindi, our Early Childhood teacher knows this very well. As she had arranged a children’s Abhiseka during the Janmastami festival, she again prepared it for Lord Nityananda’s Appearance Day.

The children strung fruit garlands, took turns in bathing and worshiping little Gaura-Nitai deities in their classroom, while singing Hare Krishna. Their joy and satisfaction are evident in their smiling faces, as they conclude by washing all the liquids with water.