Back to School Night at TKG Academy’s Middle School, September 2019

One important milestone our students face during their Middle School years is transferring the responsibility of their studies upon themselves, more than ever before. Here they are expected to keep track of their tasks and schedules, increase ownership of their pace, and monitor their own progress.

This element was reflected in their recent “Back to School Night”, where they used a Scavenger Hunt activity to guide their parents through their various tasks, checking completed items off the list.

The students walked their parents through individual meetings with each of their academic teachers, to receive an overview of their curriculum as well as more personal feedback on their performance so far. They also directed the tour through their science process chart, their sentence analysis diagram in grammar, a sample of their essay writing, comparison slides from Sastra class, and more.

The perk? Students who checked off all the items within the allotted time, received one “missed homework” pass slip. Worth it!