How are two items alike?  How are they different?  Being able to identify and communicate similar and different qualities of characters in Literature is one of the higher thinking levels in Bloom’s Taxonomy.  In “Analyze”, students are expected to take a look at two situations or characters and explain in detail the differences and similarities.Students picked a partner.  We went over Venn Diagrams, and started making our own.  They started talking to their partners about all the similarities and differences.

“You like to eat broccoli?  Wow!!  So do I!”  Differences were discussed as well.  “I have lost 10 teeth, but he hasn’t lost any yet!”

Such simple activities provide so much excitement for this age group.   They’re expected to brainstorm, work together and write, write, write.. But because its a “project”, they do it all with so much excitement.From here, we’ll go to analyzing the characters in our Literature study.