When you are used to working with children, it shows! Dr. Devika Rao, MD. is a Pediatric Pulmonologist (as well as a mother), and being around young children comes naturally to her.  She came very well prepared for her visit with our Preschool and Lower Elementary classes. She was equipped with an inhaler, an airway clearance “Vest”, a model of the lungs, an otoscope and an ophthalmoscope,  a doctor gown and a young patient’s gown. She introduced herself, explaining why she chose to be a pediatrician and the path she took in obtaining her education and experience. She then taught the students the role and location of the lungs, as well as possible complications and their implications. She demonstrated the use of the various tools she brought and gave out decorated disposable face-masks to each student. She also brought along some relevant books and her important message for staying healthy was: wash your hands thoroughly and frequently! How long? As long as it takes to sing “Happy Birthday” 🙂  The visit was concluded with stickers for all the “patients”.

Thank you, Dr. Devika Rao for sharing your knowledge and friendliness!