Traditional spelling is giving students lists each week and having them practice the spelling words until each list is memorized.  Newer schools of thought on spelling encourage spelling teachers to look for words that the student misspells in his/her own handwriting.  Yet even other educators have shown that dividing the words under specific rules will also help to re-inforce proper spelling in the oh-so-complicated English language.

In my classroom, I combine many of these practices.  In addition to the Sing Spell Read & Write spelling lists that students practice each week, we make cards of the spelling words they frequently miss in their own handwriting.  This individualizes their spelling instruction.  For kinesthetic and visual learners, we also have a myriad of spelling games to play.  Like anything, the more they see the word, use the word and play with the word, the more its proper spelling becomes concrete in their memory.

One such Spelling Game is “Whats’ Your Word Worth?”  It combines coin facts and simple math with spelling practice!  I just introduced this game to the students last week!   It has quickly become a favorite in the Word Work Section.

When workbook work is complete, the kids grab their list of missed spelling words and practice playing, “Whats Your Word Worth?”  Take a look!