The 2nd to 3rd graders just finished a Social Studies Unit on Government.  Objectives of this unit were:

  • Identify prominent presidents in the US, naming leadership qualities that enabled them to succeed.
  • Discuss qualities of leaders in the Vedic times versus today’s leaders
  • Understand the importance of rules and consequences in a community.
  •  Identify the needs of our society today and strategies we would place in order to meet those needs.

We started with the story of “Arjuna visits Maha-Vishnu” where a brahmana had blamed the king for his children dying untimely.  We discussed how much responsibility leaders face.  In a brainstorming session, students came up with a list all the problems they see in the community around us.

“No trash on the lawns.  No drunk driving.  No loud music after dark.”  One student, hearing from the news that Target credit cards were hacked recently added “No hackers!”    These 7 and 8 year olds were making policy. Each child picked a president to write about.  The active boys picked presidents that were generals in armies.  The girls picked those who had qualities similar to theirs.

We read “So You Want to Be President?” and watched a tongue in cheek version of it.  We read about Lincoln’s push to abolish slavery, and how Ulysses S. Grant fought bravely.

These were our Presidential Canditate hopefuls:

Gaurang Grant.  Abrinda Lincoln.  Jamuna Jefferson.  Gopal Washington.  Padi Jackson.  Krishna Kennedy and Bala was Obala for Barack Obama.

They researched facts about their presidents.  They put together a Presidential Campaign with their rules for the society they would govern and perks for what they would offer.

What would they give their citizens in return?  “I will help you on the wind and on the water and on the land.”  “Free homes.”  “Free education.”  “I will give everyone jewels.”

My favorite?  “I will help you go Back to Godhead by chanting Hare Krishna.”With these presidential candidates, we have a bright future ahead.