I’m always amazed by Mother Savitri’s Classroom Management skills.  She has 10 little energetic students in her class – ages 4 to 6, yet they seem to always be busy and quietly working on their work.  I rarely hear discord or craziness coming from her classroom!  So I decided to stop by and see what it is that the students are doing.

It was in the afternoon, and all the students had their art supplies, sequins, paintbrush, water cups, scissors and more.  They were absorbed, happily creating little temples for the picture Deities that were to go inside.  They had designed their own temples, and were peacefully placing the decoration pieces on the construction paper.  Learning how much glue to use, where to place the sequins, how big to cut the doors.. all of these skills are important for hand-eye coordination and even just for learning how to do projects as they reach upper levels.

Here are some pictures!