Every Thursday, the Upper Elementary students have a class in Conflict Resolution & Mediation taught by Diana Clark (Mother Dhira Lalita) from YCRC Inc, (Youth Conflict Resolution Center, Inc.)  a Dallas based non-profit that specializes in teaching positive communication skills to youth.

TKG Academy students from the Upper Elementary Classes planned a community service project.  They called prospective customers, made a flyer, organized dates for working, signed up for different tasks around the community and did the work!  They have cleaned bookshelves in the temple, swept floors, raked leaves and cleaned the community grounds of trash.

Encouraging our students to have a strong work ethic is important to TKG Academy.  Performing service for the community makes responsible citizens.  In addition, students learn to have respect for each other, respect for their suroundings and practical application of that respect is what this class provides.