Classroom studies come to life when you get to see things with your own eyes and feel them with your hands. At the conclusion of the first six weeks of school, after studying the body, 2nd through 9th graders took a trip to the Perot Museum of Nature and Science to further solidify their studies through exploration and experimentation. Of course, many experiments were performed within the classrooms as well, but the excitement of a field trip can hardly be replaced.
We focused most of our time at the “Being Human” hall, as well as the “Sports” hall. Some of the highlights were the “Bio Lab” where students examined cheek cells and germ killers. Other attractions were using light beams to reveal the blood vessels beneath our skin, and racing various species across the running track. We also watched a 3D movie about the Wonders of the Arctic.
Time was short and we left with taste for much more – hopefully to be satisfied at a later time with another science unit.