Little children love pretend-playing “doctor”. But what happens when a real doctor comes to your school?

Dr. Rajendra Chouhan had graciously agreed to meet with our Middle and Uppper Elementary classes, teaching them about the human body. Along with him he brought a special surprise: Ultrasound! Indeed, that was the highlight of his visit. If only we had the whole day to view everyone’s internal organs…  There was great excitement when a couple of students had their heart and liver displayed on the screen. We even got to see the blood vessels in action.

Dr. Chouhan’s is a familiar face to our community.  He is a Surgeon in Eurology from Madhya Pradesh, India.  He immigrated to the United States in 1982, where he trained in Eurology in Brooklyn.  In a few short years, he moved to Dallas/Fort Worth area where he set up his own clinic.  His Eurology Clinic in Arlington is where he repairs many patient’s kidney and bladder disorders every week. You’ll see Dr. Chouhan every Sunday in front of Sri Sri Radha Kalachandji during 8:00 PM Bhajans.  He has been attending temple programs for many years.  He has also supported TKG Academy generously.

Thank you, Dr. Chouhan for the lovely visit and the thrilling real-life experience!