Students are immersed.  The room is quiet.  Partnered groups speak in hushed whispers.  Math Journals in hand, they log all the problems they are mastering.   Move the clothespin to the next activity that needs practice.  Lay out a red mat.  Set up the animal objects.  Match fraction cards.  Practice borrowing in Subtraction.  Line up the big division hexagon.   Play the Roll-It Rounding Bingo Game.

In all these years of teaching and tutoring Math, I’ve never seen a child so excited about dividing 5,879,192 by 9.  I’ve rarely seen high-fives and total immersion.  I’ve definitely never seen students so motivated to master their Math objectives.

Individual Work.  Self-paced.  Self Corrected.  Hands-on.  Engaging.  Exciting!

Check out some of the Math Centers we’ve been working on this Spring in Middle Elementary.

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