“What do I have in my hand?” asked Vara’s mother. The students guessed: “Paper!” “Rectangle!”… “It’s a letter”, she explained. “What do you do when you wish to send a letter?” “Put it in the mailbox!” came the answer. “So, just as letters will arrive at their destination when being placed in the authorized mailbox, we can deliver our love to Lord Krsna by worshiping Him in His scripture-authorized Deity form”, Krishna Priya explained. And so we began by preparing outfits for our little set of Jagannātha deities.

Next, we enthusiastically strung necklaces. Now we were almost ready!  Krishna Priya’s mother, who was visiting in India at this time, has sent more outfits, jewelry and other accessories. It’s time to send our first message of love!

We learned the Bhagavad-gita verse in which Lord Krsna encourages us that if we would offer Him, with love and devotion, even simple things such as a leaf, flower, fruit or water, He will accept it.
We then offered Him water and dressed Him with His new outfit and crowns. He looked majestic and pleased!

Jaya Jagannatha!