Mother Nrtya Kishori says, “For Gaura Purnima, my little ones absorbed themselves the last couple of weeks in meditation on Lord Caitanya and His transcendental pastimes. We read stories about the thieves who try to steal His jewels, the Brahmana who tried to make an offering but was “interrupted” by little Nimai repeatedly, and several others. Then, spontaneously, the students made play-dough preparations to be offered to Lord Caitanya”.

Our class worked on a poster for the third verse of the Siksastakam. We discussed the meaning of humility, tolerance and respect and how we may be able to apply them in our daily lives and in dealings with each other. Then those little hands squeezed little pieces of green tissue paper to glue as leaves on our tolerant tree, made green brush strokes for our humble grass and carefully traced the words of the verse.