Starting mid-January the 2nd graders began a Reading Journal. They read each evening at home. Then record the title & author as well as a 4-6 sentences telling about what they read. Later we will use these sentences in an activity constructing paragraphs – making needed adjustments in spelling and cohesion. So far the book choices have been up to the student. They have ranged from devotional children’s books to Dr. Seuss and Sponge Bob. Next will be teacher’s choices and then in February we will take a trip to the public library.

I’m proud of my 2nd graders. A question posed to them of how they feel about the reading and writing journal assignment brought the following replies. “I like it!” “It is helping me to be a better reader and speller.” “It is good for our minds.” “We are learning to read better.” All of them have now begun to write more than the required 6 sentences about their daily readings. And without my suggestion too!