Experiment of the Week:  Ice on Nerves

In Science, we have begun studying The Body.  Our Bhagavad Gita verses of the past two weeks, 2.13 dehino smin and 2.14 matra sparsas very perfectly also tie into The Body theme.

Using the Abeka Science Curriculum, we make a game-plan for meeting all the objectives needed for this grade.  The Body study has begun with the Nervous System and the Five Senses.  It will end with study of proper nutrition, health, exercise and sleep.

After discussing the three main components of the nervous system, watching some cute Youtube videos and playing Brain Charades, we had our first experiment of the year.

It was important to outline the Scientific Method before beginning the experiment.  Students are expected to journal each step of the Scientific method in their yellow Science Journals.

The first step:  Ask a question.

What were our questions?  “How long can you hold ice before the nerves feel the cold sensation to be painful?  How long would it take for your palm to feel numb and no sensation?”

Step number 2 of the Scientific Method:  Make a prediction (a hypothesis).  Some wrote 2 minutes.  One boy wrote 10 minutes.

Step 3:  Make a plan.  We discussed the ingredients that would be needed and gathered them.

Finally it came time for bringing out the ice!  You should have heard their squeals of laughter as they imagined placing the cold ice on their palms.

I got the timer out.

Ready, set, go!

The kids quickly picked up the ice and the entire classroom erupted in high pitched, happy squeals.  Oooo.. its soo coolldd!!    How long could they hold the ice for?

Our longest was 4 minutes.  FOUR MINUTES!!  That is a very long time.  You should try it at home and see if you can beat that record.

Step 5:  Draw a conclusion.  The Science Journal was complete for the day.

This experiment showed them how nerves feel cold and heat, pain and pleasure.  The topics we had read about and watched were reinforced by this simple and yet exciting experiment.