Middle Elementary students have been working on their Science: Body Unit.   They start the class by singing Mother Mrgakshi’s famous song:  I know I’m Not This Body, and studied important verses from the Srimad Bhagavad Gita reminding them of the same.  2.13 – The body changes every day.  2.22 – we change bodies as we change old clothes.

Detailed analysis of the digestive, respiratory, nervous, circulatory, muscular & skeletal systems are in progress! Students brought TWENTY TWO library books to do their research from!  They are completing experiments to visualize how the different organs work, made skeleton and muscular crafts, practiced transfering blood types with colored water, and will be cooking healthy body-friendly foods in order to end the session.    Take a look at the pictures to see some of their work.

Next Stop:  Perot Museum Body Exhibit next week.